JARI:Japan Automobile Research Institute

The Shirosato Test Center

Test course(Shirosato-machi)

The Jtown Automated Driving Test Center

Test course(Tsukuba City)

The Shirosato Test Center


In order to acquire data on the dynamic performance of automobiles, actual driving tests that cover such areas as steering & controllability performance at high speeds, acceleration performance, vibration and endurance performance, braking performance, fuel consumption measurement, automated driving, and lighting equipment testing, are indispensable.
JARI has an international class high-speed oval track with a lap distance of 5,500 meters available, and many test tracks that are suitable in scale and performance for a wide range of tests have been completed within a vast estate approximately 3,020,000 square meters in size.

Features of JARI's test courses

  • Suited for large-scale testing (high speed running, vast tracks, long straight lanes)
  • High-quality standard-compliant road surface (flat, μ value, ISO lanes)
  • Surface specifications and course designs with a high degree of freedom and user-friendliness (A wide-variety of road surfaces, rental equipment, share areas)
  • Enclosed, independent test courses at hidden locations
  • Serene and rich natural environment suited for filming and other activities
  • High-caliber testing and maintenance equipment (weather conditioning equipment, maintenance shops, machines, tools)
  • Amenity facilities tailored for gatherings and events (conference hall, lodging rooms, cafeteria, plazas)
    ⇒ The nighttime or extra longtime use of our test course facilities is possible on an optional basis.

The Jtown
Automated Driving Test Center


Jtown is an automated driving test center constructed as a subsidized project of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry's "Development Project of Automated Driving Test Center" in order to address issues in the cooperative areas of automated driving technology and develop future evaluation methods through industry-academia-government collaboration.

The Jtown site is approximately 160,000 square meters, and comprises three areas: the "Specific environment area" indoor facility that can reproduce environmental conditions such as rain, fog and sunshine; the "V2X urban area" test facility for cooperative automated driving systems using communication systems; and the "Versatile urban area" that can reproduce various types of intersection using mock buildings and road signs, etc.


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