JARI:Japan Automobile Research Institute

Specific Environment Area



At the unique environment test facility, we can evaluate the performance of the cameras and sensors installed on the vehicles in recognizing the surrounding environment by reproducing indoors the driving conditions that are expected in actual traffic environments, such as weather conditions like rain or fog, or poor visibility due to backlighting, evening lighting circumstances, etc.

Test path specifications

  • Overall length: 200m
  • Number of lanes: 3 lanes (3.5m x 3 lanes)
inner facility

Auxiliary Equipment

  • Lighting equipment (waterproof specification): Horizontal illuminance 200-1,600lx (dimmable in 4 divisions every 50m), color temperature 5,000K (daylight white)
  • 3 traffic light installation positions (variable in the left-right direction, one of which is variable in the left-right/up-down direction)
  • Traffic lights (3 light types/3 light types+arrow type) (LED type/Bulb type)
  • Waiting room (test chamber)/Vehicle preparation building (2 units)/Garage (2 units)

Rainfall equipment

With the rainfall equipment, "heavy rain", "very heavy rain", and "extremely heavy rain" can be reproduced in three stages of rainfall per hour, 30mm, 50mm, and 80mm, respectively.
In addition, it is possible to rain continuously for 30 minutes when the rainfall is set to 50mm per hour over the entire 200m.

  • Rainfall: 30/50/80mm/h
  • Particle size (equivalent to large rain drops)
  • Continuous rainfall time: 30 minutes (when 200m is rained at 50mm/h)
  • Test water replenishment time: Approximately 120 minutes
  • Rainfall area: Set in 2 divisions, 100m each
Rainfall test

system of Rainfall test

Fog generation equipment

The fog generation equipment can generate fog continuously with a particle size of 10 microns or less for 1 hour or more.
Visibility distance can be adjusted from 15m to 80m.

  • Visibility Range: 15 to 80m
  • Particle size: 7.5 μm (equivalent to ultra-fine mist)
  • Spray flow rate: 2.4-9.6l/hr (per unit)
  • Continuous production time: 60 minutes
  • Visibility condition setting time: about 30 minutes to 1 hour
fog test

Sunlight test equipment

The sunshine test equipment includes lights that can simulate the sun and reproduce backlighting such as the western sun.
In order to simulate the size of the sun as it actually appears, lighting can be placed at a distance of about 70m from the measurement point, and with an illuminance of 20,000 to 35,000 lux, it is possible to reproduce the sunlight equivalent to 15:00 and 17:00 on a clear day.

  • Maximum luminous intensity: 350 million candelas
  • Maximum irradiation distance: 6km/10Lx
  • Reflector outer diameter: φ550mm
  • Irradiation effective diameter: φ620mm
  • Position: Variable in the vertical and horizontal directions
  • Angle: Variable in yaw direction and pitch direction
  • Color temperature: 6000K (daylight white), 2200K (amber white)

Sunlight test

Sunlight test equipment