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V2X Urban Area


V2X Area View

V2X urban area is a facility where you can conduct verification experiments of a cooperative automatic driving system that utilizes communication, assuming a complicated traffic environment in an actual urban area.
Equipped with optical and radio beacons for road-to-vehicle communication, it can also support the construction of a wide variety of systems to support safe driving.

Test path specifications

  • Track width: 1 lane: 2.75 to 3.5m
  • Straight road: 400m north-south straight road (including 4 lanes, 300m)
  • Intersection: 4 lanes x 4 lanes (1 location) / 4 lanes x 2 lanes (3 locations)

Auxiliary Equipment

  • Traffic light (LED)
  • Wall material for visibility adjustment (movable and installable)
  • Curb block (movable and installable)
  • Waiting room (test chamber) and tent

※There is no equipment on the test road to block the line of sight from the outside.

Auxiliary Equipment

Equipment specifications

Evaluation experiments for infrastructure cooperative driving safety support system (DSSS) using 760MHz band
Infrastructure equipment for green wave evaluation experiments using optical beacons

  • Radio station: Experimental test station
  • Radio wave type: 9M00X7W
  • Frequency: 760MHz
  • Antenna power: 0.09W

Services provided

Infrastructure-cooperative driving safety support system (DSSS)

  • Regulatory information (temporary suspension)
  • Signal information
  • Vehicle detection information
  • Pedestrian detection information

Green wave driving support system

  • Route signal information
Services provided

Restrictions / Notes

We have set the following restrictions when using the facility. If you have any questions, please contact us.

  • Moving vehicle: The test vehicle has a total weight of 25 tons or less and a wheel load of 4.9 tons or less.
  • Moving speed: 60km/h or less in principle (※Negotiable)
  • Driving method: Driving with sudden braking, abrupt steering, etc. that leaves tire marks is prohibited.
  • Photography: Please apply for permission to shoot in advance. The photographer will be required to wear an armband.
    The height of the camera is allowed up to 3m.