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ADAS test field

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The rough road test site (unpaved road) will be renovated in December 2020 and will be operational as the ADAS ADAS test field (asphalt road) in July 2022.

This track can be used to evaluate AEBS performance at intersections, etc

Main test formats

  • Various NCAP scenarios including AEB Junction Assist C2C, PTW (Turn across path scenario, Crossing scenario), AEB/AES CCR, Pedestrian, Cyclist, Head-on.


  • Fan-shaped test site with 300m in lateral direction and 500m in straight direction
  • Flat asphalt surface, maintenance shop, with lighting system for night work
  • NCAP-compliant equipment will be available for rent


ADAS Testing Site Progress of New Construction

We are currently constructing a new ADAS testing site (tentative name). Here is information on our progress.


In the building construction, the foundation is complete, and the upper structure is scheduled to be constructed in March.
In the test road area, construction of the upper roadbed has begun.
The asphalt layer will be installed in April or later.


Drainage system on branch track is complete. Roadbed and building construction is proceeding in earnest.


Installation of drainage system will be completed soon.
Installation of electrical and lighting equipment is underway.
In the test track area, road leveling work using the ICT grader has begun.


In the acceleration track area, the shielding fence work has been completed.
In sequence, work continues on drainage structure installation, electrical equipment installation, and building preparation work.


Earthwork is almost complete. Settlement has subsided, but observations continue to be made.
Drainage system and slope protection works are progressing in sequence. In the acceleration track area, work on the shielding fence has begun.


Embankment and drainage systems are being installed in phases.
In areas where settlement of the embankment has subsided, roadbed materials are being brought in.


Slope protection work is underway.
Construction of drainage system is in progress.
Embankment work is almost complete.
Settlement of the embankment is being monitored.
Installation of drainage system is in progress.


Slope protection work is underway.
Embankment of streambed is underway in earnest.
Installation of drainage system is progressing.


Settlement is being monitored in the acceleration track area. Slope shaping of the cliff section is almost complete.
Slope protection work is in progress.
Work on drainage ditches and water collection pipes is underway.


Embankment of the acceleration track section is almost complete.
Settlement is under observation. Reinforced soil wall and embankment at the edge of the slope of the ravine are also being progressively promoted.


Earthwork is proceeding smoothly.
Work started on the ravine structure.


Earthwork fully underway.
Construction of drainage system. Removal of logs and chipping.


Removal of existing structures, topsoil stripping. Test fill. Stacking of logged trees.


Development work begins


Pre-construction state