JARI:Japan Automobile Research Institute

High-speed oval track

High-speed oval track

An oval high-speed driving course particularly suited for the testing of vehicle safety features. Has low-, mid- and high-speed lanes and is furnished with a track lighting system for nighttime driving tests.

Main test items

  • High-speed running performance test
  • Maximum speed test
  • High-speed durability test
  • High-speed road-holding ability test


  • Asphalt pavement
  • Circumference: 5,500m x width 12m
    Straight segment: 1,112m x 2; Curve segment: 1,638m x 2
  • Radius of curve: 400m
  • Designed speed at curve (high-speed lane): 190 km/h
  • Maximum banking at curve: 45.2 degrees
  • Banking at straight segment: 1%
  • Designed load on wheel: 8 tons
  • Safety strip width: 10m (straight seg.), 18m (curve seg.)