JARI:Japan Automobile Research Institute

International Standardization

Activities Related to International Standardization of Autonomous Driving Systems

As research and development of autonomous driving systems become more active around the world, international standardization is important to promote practical applications and increase the international competitiveness of products.
JARI is studying the standardization necessary to achieve autonomous driving systems with a view to incorporating Japan's superior automotive technologies. JARI will promote the international standardization of software updates proposed by Japan at ISO/TC22/SC32/WG12 (Working Group on Software Updates) and propose international standardization to the ISO/TC204/WG14 Driving Control Subcommittee (Secretariat: Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan).
We also promote international standardization activities proposed by Japan as the secretariat of the ISO/TC204/WG1 (System Functional Configuration) Subcommittee.

International Standardization

JARI has participated in the activities of ISO/TC204 since its inception in 1993.As the secretariat of TC204/WG1 (System Functional Configuration) subcommittee, we have supported standardization activities for ITS architecture and standard description language, and promoted deliberations on Japanese proposed standards. We have also promoted standardization of functional configuration and interfaces for collaborative systems using inter-vehicle communication and roadside-to-vehicle communication, and probe information systems using information from onboard sensors.

In recent years, we have been involved in the international standardization of advanced driver assistance systems and autonomous driving systems, for which companies in Japan and abroad are competing to achieve rapid commercialization.Commissioned by the Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan (JSAE), we support international standardization activities in TC204/WG14 (Driving Control), including the preparation of an international standards draft of a Japanese proposal for a traffic impediment notification system (TINS) and studies of responses to international standardization proposals from overseas regarding cooperative adaptive cruise control (CACC) and formation driving systems.


Scope of Standardization in ISO/TC204/WG14 (Driving Control)
(Courtesy of Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan)