JARI:Japan Automobile Research Institute

Health effect

Medical and biological research

Since about 30 years ago JARI has conducted studies concerning the impact of automotive exhaust emissions on human health. The question of whether diesel emissions have a carcinogenic effect was raised during the 1980's. JARI undertook a large-scale test and became the forerunner institution to confirm that diesel emissions at their atmospheric concentration levels do not promote the generation of cancers. In the 1990's we carried out research into relations between automotive emissions and bronchitis or pollen disease, and our research results have been cited by the World Health Organization and the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Over the recent years exhaust emissions from automobiles have been dramatically reduced to the point where the emissions level of the latest engines is widely considered harmless. But on the other hand, it is still necessary to watch the risks posed by environment-polluting substances on the high-sensitivity group of people such as children, the elderly and the invalid. Applying advanced medical and biological techniques, JARI continues its studies and intends to publicly release the study outcomes concerning the impacts of various environmental factors on the environmentally susceptible group of people.