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Robot Safety Center

Robot Safety Center

Major services and test equipment

Remote test

By using a conference system such as Webex, our staff can test your products remotely by simply having them sent to us.
Real-time video transmission and two-way communication make you feel as if you were at the test site, without the need to visit.

  • Remote test

Consulting/Authentication support

The starting line for everything product safety starts here
We support the proposal and planning of tests based on standards from risk assessment.

Electrical safety evaluations & testing

Development efficiency with One-Stop service
Please leave it to the professionals in the field of electricity and standards to provide testing and support for JIS/IEC electrical safety standards.

EMC tests

Improve development efficiency with total support of EMC, machinery, and electricity
ISO/IEC17025 accredited test grounds, iNARTE EMC engineers, and First-Class Technical Radio Operators for On-The-Ground Services are available for all EMC tests.

Machine test

Working together to solve your test problems

In addition to standardized testing, we can also manufacture custom test jigs and equipment, and conduct original testing to meet the needs of our customers.

Robotic nursing care equipment

Test subject experiment

With our institution's experimental know-how, we support your development from experiment planning to post-implementation analysis and report preparation.

Inquiries regarding outsourced testing and consulting