JHFC project was launched for the Future of the Earth.

The Japan Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Demonstration Project consists of the "Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCV) etc. Demonstration Study" and the "Hydrogen Infrastructures Demonstration Study". Both studies are part of the "Fuel Cell System Demonstration Study" subsidized by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry(METI).

We conducted research activities for the full-scale mass production and dissemination of FCVs from FY2002 to FY2010. Our activities included collecting basic data about hydrogen generation, FCVs performances, environmental features, energy efficiency and safety and sharing those data with others.

Major Objectives of the JHFC 1

  1. Clarified the high energy efficiency of FCV as a vehicle.
  2. Clarified "Well to Wheel" efficiency (overall energy efficiency that takes consumption of all energies concerned: from the mining of the primary energy, production, transportation and filling to vehicle and to driving of vehicles) with demonstration data of FCVs and hydrogen stations.
JHFC Phase1 : FY 2002 - 2005

Major Objectives of the JHFC 2

  1. To clarify the remaining issues under the actual use conditions
  2. To collect data to develop regulations, codes, and standards
  3. To formulate and implement public relations and education strategies for dissemination and promotion
  4. To verify the energy saving (fuel economy) and environmental impact mitigation
  5. To identify technology and policy trends

of FCVs, small fuel-cell powered vehicles and hydrogen engine vehicles as well as hydrogen infrastructures

JHFC Phase2 : FY 2006 - 2010