The FCHV-BUS is co-developed by TOYOTA and HINO MOTORS. Since it is equipped with high-pressure hydrogen tanks on the roof and two Toyota FC Stacks, the bus assures excellent performance. The bus is clean and silent, contributing much to the improvement of air quality in urban areas.
At EXPO AICHI 2005, 8 buses were used as a shuttle bus between the sites, serving 1 million people in total.
After that, the buses started to serve in the vicinity of the Central Japan international Airport from March 2006.


Company  Toyota Motor Corporation
 Hino Motors, Ltd.
Vehicle FCHV-BUS
Size(L×W×H) 10,515x2,490x3,360mm
Passenger capacity 63 passengers
Max. speed 80km/h
Motor Type AC synchronous motor
Max. power 160kW(80kWX2)
Max. torque 520N-m(260kg-mX2)
Fuel cell Type Polymer electrolyte fuel cell(PEFC)
Output 90kW
Name TOYOTA FC Stack
Secondary battery Nickel - metal hydride battery
Fuel Type Compressed hydrogen gas
Storage High-pressure hydrogen tank(35MPa)
Brochure of this vehicle (JPG)